45-year-old Stacie Williams agreed to meet her ex-lover on her break during an overnight shift on the maternity ward at Nassau University Medical Center.

The meeting turned into an argument and police say 43-year-old Kim Wolfe, an off-duty Nassau County Corrections officer pulled out her 9mm handgun and shot Williams several times.

"There is no indication if it was premeditated or if it developed on scene," said Nassau Police Commissioner Lawrence Mulvey.

Williams, a mother of 3, was killed in a hail of gunfire.

However, her ex-lover wasn't finished. Police say Wolfe then drove to her grandparents Hempstead home and tried to get her grandfather to make changes to her will.

"We don't know if she was trying to change beneficiaries," said Detective Lieutenant John Azzata.

Police say the grandfather learned that Wolfe had murdered Williams and he called for his son, Wolf's uncle.

When the uncle came in, police say Wolfe shot him dead and then fired one bullet into her 88-year-old grandfather's leg.

Still not finished, police say Wolfe turned the gun on her 23-year-old niece who responded to the commotion and took her hostage.

It's believed she was going to try to drive to Atlantic City, but before getting too far Wolfe called her grandparents home, and a Hempstead cop and former NYPD hostage negotiator answered the phone.

The officer was able to convince Wolfe to drive back to Hempstead and surrender peacefully.

The kidnapped niece was not injured.

According to published reports, Wolfe surrendered her weapons on May 20th and got them back on Monday. The Sheriff's department wouldn't comment on those circumstances.

If things weren't tragic enough, back here at the hospital Stacie Williams son, 28 -year-old Frederick King upon learning his mother was murdered stepped out into traffic.

"He wanted to commit suicide which he told me he was going to do that and I told him not to," said Sam King, Frederick King's father. "Then when I heard it I just flipped out myself when I heard that he went out in the street and got hit by a car."

Frederick King is home and recovering with his father and brothers.

Wolfe is expected to be arraigned tomorrow.