Off-Duty Cop Slams Into Tiffany's In Possible Drunk Driving Crash
An off-duty police officer was arrested and suspended following an alleged drunk driving accident in Midtown Manhattan.

The officer was driving eastbound on East 57th street around 3 a.m. Saturday, when he collided with a private sanitation truck traveling westbound. Sources tell PIX News the driver was trying to make a left turn onto 5th Avenue.

Tourists stared on in amazement as the car jumped the curb and flipped over. It landed on the sidewalk after slamming into Tiffany & Co.

Rescue workers were forced to cut open the roof of the Chrysler 300 to rescue the men, who were trapped inside the vehicle. According to the Daily News, authorities spotted a champagne cork and a container of Tropicana orange juice inside the car, which led them to believe they had been drinking.

The officer and two other male passengers were transported to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition.

The driver of the garbage truck was not injured.