The week started off with Mayor Bloomberg getting a boo-filled chilly reception at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event, and Thursday night, it was Schools Chancellor Cathie Black's turn. It happened at the monthly Panel for Educational Policy meeting in Brooklyn.

It was the former Hearst Magazines' head's first public speech at the meeting, and the agenda included voting on a controversial topic -- whether to add a new selective high school to the Park Slope building that already houses 3 troubled ones. Before Black could start her roughly four minute speech, the crowd started yelling and getting rowdy. Black was interrupted several times. But the booing reached it's loudest level when Black referred to her boss, Mayor Bloomberg. Maura Walz is a reporter for Gotham Schools, a website that covers everything education in the city, "Her remarks were very very well prepared, reading off of prepared remarks, it wasn't off the cuff at all."

Not off the cuff, like the comments Black made to a task force charged with stopping overcrowding in city schools, "Can we just have some birth control for a while. It could really help us all out." That comment led to lots of criticism and a call for her to resign.

Adding the Millennium school has been a hot button issue, with parents and teachers who use the existing John Jay H.S Building protesting and crying racism and classism. PIX 11 interviewed students at a recent rally who said their existing 3 schools have needs, and they're angry that the more elite school that's proposed to move in would receive more money, Nevertheless, the board voted to move ahead and add the Millennium school.