Glen Cove Mayor Waging War On Shopping Carts
They seem to be invading... shopping carts ditched on street corners, and abandoned in neighborhoods.

It's not only a quality of a life issue in Glen Cove, but it's costing tax payers.

"I don't mind picking up one or two." said Glen Cove Mayor Ralph Suozzi. "but it's all time."

Suozzi went on to say city employees wind up leaving their duties to retrieve abandoned carts, sometimes as many as 60 a week

It's a growing problem that is plaguing neighborhoods all over Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn.

"There are so many shopping carts all over Sheepshead Bay." said Ray Johnson associate editor of the Brooklyn website she writes about, and photographs the problem, even gives voices to the forgotten baskets.

"I felt in tune with those shopping carts some of them felt so lonely they looked so sad and they were just sitting on the street corner." Johnson told PIX 11 News with a giggle.

In Glen Cove it is illegal to take a shopping cart off the supermarket's property, the fine can be as steep as $250 dollars, but the mayor says he doesn't want to go after the people taking the carts, instead he wants the stores to keep a better eye on where their carts are going."

"I really think the businesses should step up to the plate and send on of their dozens of employees out."

Some supermarkets are now contracting out, business rolling for T.B. cart which services about 60 grocery stores a week from Staten Island to Montauk.