Out-Of-Control Car Plunges Into Hudson River
A woman was pulled out of the Hudson River Thursday morning after the car she was driving spun out of control and veered off into the Hudson River.

According to officials the incident happened near the 96th Street exit some time after 10:00 a.m. It remains unclear as to what exactly sparked the accident.

Published reports say the woman, who was driving a Toyota Camry, was attempting to make an illegal u-turn when a Nissan Altima rear-ended her, causing her car to spin out of control and into a Parks Department service road before crashing through a gate and into the river.

The victim was able to free herself from the vehicle and was found swimming about 100 yards away from where the crash happened.

The woman was taken to nearby hospital. Her injuries are unknown.

Police are reportedly interviewing the woman at the hospital to figure out what happened. The New York Daily News is reporting that the woman was apparently suicidal and is slated to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.