Female Bus Driver To Media: MTA Supervisor Licked My Face!

That's the only way to describe the tale of a male transit supervisor who -- according to a female bus driver in the Bronx -- licked her face. And yes, you read that right. As the saying goes, "you can't make this stuff up."

Nancy Jenkins, 42, told reporters from the Daily News Friday, "He stuck out his tongue and licked me from under my chin all the way up to my eyebrows," adding, "It was just so nasty."

The icky incident happened on the morning of April 9th, when Jenkins said she went to her boss at the Kingsbridge Bus Depot to pick up the day's assignment. He reportedly said something that upset her, she said, and while he was consoling her, he licked her.

According to the driver, she wasted no time filing a sexual harassment complaint with the Metropolitan Transit Authority and returned to work only to find he was still her boss. MTA officials say they're investigating Jenkins' complaint.

The driver, who's yet to be identified, has been re-assigned.

John Samuelson, head of the Transport Workers Union, Local 100, said in an interview with the Village Voice that this is nothing new for the MTA hierarchy, pointing out: "if a bus driver licked a supervisor on the face, that driver would have been suspended immediately, and then arrested and dragged off the property in handcuffs."

Jenkins has been on leave since her ordeal. She says her co-workers thought the whole thing was a funny, and no one took her seriously. That's why, she said, she turned to the media, hoping to get justice.