Nassau County school bus driver George Daw expected he'd get a pat on the back, instead of a kick in the butt for coming to the aid of three cops whose car was submerged in floodwater.

"This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I'm crushed," Daw told PIX 11 News at his home.

He said the private Educational Bus Company gave him notice of immediate termination because they said he violated policy by picking up passengers, even though they were Nassau County detectives, who were stranded and waist-deep in floodwater from last week's violent hail storm in West Babylon. Daw said he never hesitated," Any time an officer is down, you don't abandon that officer, you gotta help."

Despite his good intentions, the bus company insisted Daw disobeyed the rules and endangered the welfare of the single child he was carrying on the bus.

"I'm not a hero," Daw declared, "but to criticize or condemn somebody for that."

Nassau County Detective Lieutenant Raymond Cote was shocked by the firing. "He should be commended, not terminated," he said.

The firing came as a shock to Daw, who recalled, "I thought they were going to say I did a great job, we're proud of you, don't let it happen again. But to say I'm automatically terminated for what I did...."

Det. Lt. Cote hoped, "the transportation company reconsiders it's decision to terminate this man."

Though he's now out of work, spending time at home, George Daw said that given the circumstances, he would not hesitate to do the same thing again.