WILLIAMSBURG, NY (WPIX) -- People on Leonard street in Brooklyn have been getting bombarded with tickets for parking in a school zone -- but there hasn't been a school in the neighborhood since 2006.

"What is going on?” asked Helen Mena incredulously, “There's no kids, no school, but I have two tickets that are costing me 150 dollars."

The Department of Transportation told the PIX 11News, "We inspected the location and were informed by church representatives that the school will reopen later this year and will have busing. We will remove these signs in the meantime and the church will contact us when the school is ready to re-open. At that time we will follow up and make a decision if additional sign changes are needed."  

Mena, says she was praying to St. Anthony, the saint of lost things in her Catholic faith, and she says it appears to have worked. 

This isn't the first time the DOT has been caught enforcing fines in zones that don't exist.

In Bayside, Queens, for years residents on one block were getting parking tickets for blocking non-existent street cleaners on Bell Blvd.  Whitestone Councilman Dan Halloran brought it before the council Nov. 16. and the DOT admitted the mistake -- but refused to excuse any outstanding fines.