Everybody Into The Pool!
Talk about perfect timing.

Just as the temperature was hitting all time highs for this summer, New York City opens its second new swimming pool in Brooklyn: everyone into the pool in Brooklyn Heights. Welcome to the Brooklyn Bridge Park pool on Pier 2, One of the surefire ways to beat the blistering heat In the shadow of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway and Manhattan skyline.

"I stay cool by wearing this hat, drinking lots of water and coming to this fantastic pool," Nancy Webster, the executive Director of Brooklyn Bridge Park, told PIX 11.

This so-called "pop-up pool" just opened and it's much smaller than the McCarren Pool, Just 30-feet x 50 feet and can only hold 60 swimmers per hour session compared to 1,500 at the Greenpoint Williamsburg pool.

But on a day like this, what a relief.

"It's my birthday and this was the best present," Johanne Villalona said. "My children loved it, " as she towel-dried Aiden, 4, and Miliana, 6.

"The only problem, the lines were too long. We had to wait," Stacie Griffith said. "But once you got into the pool, it was great," she added.

If you can't get to a pool this weekend, these beat the heat tips bear repeating: use an air conditioner if you have one; go to a cooling center, if you don't; drink up to four glasses of water an hour, if you're exercising; avoid alcohol, caffeine, or suger; and never leave children, pets or those who require special care in a parked car.

If you want to beat those long lines at Brooklyn's newest swimming pool, organizers say get there 30 minutes before the pool opens at 10 am.