The hunt is on for a sexual prowler targeting the foot bridge near Truman High School and Co-op City. Police believe he is responsible for three sexual attacks, two of which ended in rape.

One woman that PIX 11 spoke to right after crossing the bridge is already taking preventive measures. "Yeah, I was on the phone with him to make sure I got over safely," said Natalie Campbell as she referenced a call she just ended with her father.

The NYPD says there is a pattern in three attacks. All the victims are black females and 19-years of age, "The neighborhood is kind of OK, certain parts of it, not really this part," said Tracy Campbell.

The assaults all have taken place during the day along a route well traveled, "This is a walkway that everybody takes. Co-op is over there. Everybody walks to Co-op City," said Campbell.

One of the primary concerns along the isolated walk is that there a several broken lights, which makes the trek at night even more dangerous,"It's dark, there is really only one light. So yeah it's definitely scary," said Aponte, who quickly added, "If something were to happen, there is really no one to help me."

Detectives believe the predator is between 22-28 years, about 5'6, and weighing between 160lbs. to 180lbs. Small in size, but generating a big fear in the community.

The NYPD is asking for the public's support. If you have any information you are asked to contact Crimestoppers via phone, text or email.