In healthy give and take dialogue, community leaders called for better police training and the assignment of more officers from the area.

About 200 people showed up for the meeting at the Holy Rosary RC Church in the Wakefield section of the Bronx. We were told it was the regularly scheduled monthly gathering of the 47th Precinct Community Council.

The timing was just six days after an unarmed 18 year old named Ramarley Graham was shot and killed in his home by a narcotics cop.

Andy King told PIX 11 News that it is a good opportunity for the community to share its concerns with police.

The Bronx Borough Commander told us, police have a good relationship with the community and has already had discussions about the shooting. The city has formally expressed its regrets.

Community activist Denise Omenih exclaimed, "It's happened before, the same excuses, oh we thought he had a gun. How many times are we going to see our children gunned down in the streets? It's unacceptable."

Surveillance video clearly shows the teen walking, not running into his home, and seconds later cops racing in with their guns drawn trying to break through the front door. They had no search warrant. Cops confronted Graham in an upstairs bathroom, where the shooting occurred. There was no apparent struggle. Police say they saw the teen trying to flush a bag of marijuana down the toilet.

Community leader Sheron Pearson told PIX 11 News what is needed is more local policing, officers from the community who know and understand