Brinkley Settles With Cook, Spits Fire Outside Of Court
The drama surrounding the divorce of ex-supermodel Christie Brinkley and her estranged husband Peter Cook has officially come to an end.

Following negotiations that reportedly lasted until 2 a.m., the feuding pair signed an agreement - regarding custody and visitation for their two kids - before a judge in Riverhead Tuesday morning.

Outside court, Brinkley, seemingly relieved, had a few choice words to describe her former flame.

" Google 'Divorcing a narcissist,'" Brinkley said to reporters. "It will give you a lot of insight into what I've been going through for the past three and a half years."

Cook, who exited court shortly after Brinkley, wasted no time at firing back at the mother of his kids.

"I'll accept narcissist over parental interference," Cook said. "If I'm going to pick one over the other, I'll pick being a narcissist over being a parent who interferes with the other parent's time."

The war of words outside of court apparently stemmed from a school trip their son Jack was slated to go on in November. Cook claims Brinkley failed to provide a passport in time and the vacation had to be cancelled.

Brinkley's attorney, Peter Coronia, claims an assistant dropped the passport off at Cook's home while Brinkley was visiting with a friend whose mother had died.

According to Cook's attorney, the agreement clarified language regarding the children's passports and increased summer visitation for Cook to 50 percent.

The couple split up more than a year ago following news Cook had an affair with a teen store clerk.