Police are searching for a cold-blood killer, after a hot summer day at the beach turned deadly. At least one gunman fired shots into a crowd Thursday evening, leaving a teen girl who appeared to be an innocent bystander dead.

It happened on the Brighton Beach boardwalk at Brighton 6th Street around 5:20 P.M. Thursday. Cops say that somebody came off of the beach and started shooting, apparently trying to hit someone sitting on a boardwalk bench.

The gunman, who may not have acted alone, ended up hitting 16 year-old Tysha Jones. Doctors pronounced her dead when she arrived at Coney Island Hospital.

Hundreds of people have sent her family condolences via twitter http://twitter.com/#!/search/tysha%20jones, and dozens of posts have retweeted a photo of Tysha Jones http://lockerz.com/s/109263528 taken just a few hours before the girl from Harlem was shot. The setting of the picture is in the surf, just yards away from where Jones went down.

Late Friday morning, police still had the boardwalk cordoned off with crime scene tape as they brought out large paper bags full of evidence. It was all part of their investigation into what happened. Police may have a person of interest in custody in relation to the shooting, but there are no arrests yet in the case.

The shooter, or shooters, left another victim, a 23 year-old man, in critical condition at the same hospital where Tysha Jones was pronounced dead. That critical patient has been in surgery and is being treated for a gunshot wound to the stomach, according to police.

Three other men, all in their 20's, were also injured from gunfire, and are in stable condition.

Thursday was Brooklyn-Queens Day, a school holiday for public school students city-wide. As a result, thousands of people, many of them families with children, or teens looking to cool off, were at the beach on the hottest day of the year so far. The gunfire sent them scrambling, looking for shelter from the shots.

It is still not clear which of the victims, if any, was the intended target of the shooting. Police brought out a metal detector unit and other crime scene technicians to the scene Friday morning as part of their investigation to find out who was behind this attack and why they carried it out.

Police sources tell PIX11 News that Thursday was a particularly violent Brooklyn-Queens Day. Every year, droves of students and families head to the beach on the holiday, but this year saw a higher number of people than usual, thanks to record high temperatures.

There was also an unusually high number of fights, according to police sources. They say that this attack that proved fatal may have been gang related.

YouTube video uploaded Thursday allegedly shows the scene of the shooting below [Warning: Graphic]: