19-year-old Iloune Driver cried out above the sound of camera shutters and shouting reporters to insist, "It wasn't me. It wasn't me."

But police feel confident it was the East New York teen who opened fire on a crowded Brighton Beach boardwalk last Thursday, killing 16-year-old Tysha Jones and wounding four others. Driver was arrested late Sunday and brought to the 60th Precinct in Coney Island where police charged him with second degree murder and assault. He was brought to Brooklyn Criminal Court for arraignment.

Driver is said to be a member of the violent Crips gang, but police don't believe the shooting was gang related. According to investigators, the intended target was a young man with whom the shooter got into a fight on the beach earlier that day.

A makeshift memorial with candles and flowers and words of affection grace the facade of the Harlem building where Tysha lived with her mother. Dezlyn Francis, a close friend of the family told PIX News, "It's relieving to know they have arrested somebody, but it will never bring Tysha back."

The victim's emotionally drained mother, Cynthia, declined to speak on camera, but told us she was pleased police had a suspect in custody. And she declared, "I want justice. He took my baby's life." A funeral service is planned for Wednesday evening, and Tysha will be laid to rest on Thursday. Detectives are continuing their investigation and are believed to be looking for a second person who may have been involved in the shooting.