Workers Pulled From Rubble After Building Collapse In Brooklyn
Four construction workers are hospitalized tonight, after a building they were working in collapsed in Brighton Beach Tuesday afternoon. Emergency crews had to pull three of the workers from the rubble, one walked out on their own a fourth worker went into cardiac arrest.

"From what I understand, they were pouring concrete on the third floor when the third floor collapsed," according to FDNY Assistant Chief Michael Marrone, who was on the scene.

The collapse, which was described by Marrone as a "pancake" type collapse, happened at a five-story building under construction at 2929 Brighton 5th Street. Three workers are listed in serious condition with non-life threatening injuries at Lutheran Hospital. A fourth worker is listed in critical after suffering a massive heart attack.

Workers at a nearby daycare center were with dozens of children at the time of the collapse and described what they heard.

Chrissie Torres says it sounded like "a whole bunch of chains crumbling." She also says it appeared the residential structure was constructed overnight, "I think all the buildings here they put up really fast. We did think it was up there too fast."

It wasn't immediately clear what caused the collapse.