The Heene family twice appeared on the ABC show "Wife Swap."

The Heene family twice appeared on the ABC show "Wife Swap." (ABC/ Wife Swap)

The young boy, believed to have been inside a runaway hot-air balloon that crash landed in Colorado, was found Thursday safe and sound.

The 6-year-old was discovered hiding inside a cardboard box in the garage attic of his family's home.

While the entire nation grew captivated with live broadcasts of the runaway hot-air balloon, the boy, identified as Falcon Heene, was reportedly hiding the entire time.

Officials at the Weld County Sheriff's Office initially said a sibling saw the boy climb into the basket before the balloon took off. Officials turned out to be right, when they suspected that the boy never boarded the aircraft before it took off.

The device was said to have traveled as high as 10,000 feet, at 40 mph. Officials, however, could not immediately confirm those reports.

It was later revealed that the boy was the son of Richard and Mayumi Heene. Richard Heene is reportedly a storm chaser and scientist who apparently used the hot-air balloon for research. It was also revealed that the family appeared on the ABC show "Wife Swap" in 2008.

Neighbors called 911 after spotting the hovering air craft spinning over their rooftops.

The balloon ultimately made a soft landing near Keenesburg, which is about 60 miles from its starting point.