Bizarre Clues Lead To Stolen Yorkie
The search for a tiny Yorkshire terrier swiped from a pet shop in Brooklyn last month is over. The precious pooch was found Thursday safe and sound inside a cardboard box left in the entrance of a diner in Marine Park, just a few blocks from where it was stolen on February 16.

The break came on Wednesday when one of the workers at Puppy Paradise on Flatbush Avenue took a phone call from an anonymous woman who said she wanted to return the dog. She called the next day with clues on how to go about finding the the purebred puppy.

Pet shop owner David Dietz followed the mystery woman's directions. He drove over to 87th Street and Farragut Road where he found a note pinned to a tree.

"Sorry I don't want any trouble. I am given dog back," the note read. "Maybe for reward. Dog is at Flatbush Ave. triangle by new Walgreens store. Got this dog from boy. Don't want any trouble so I put dog in box at food store."

Dietz figured out the food store was the Floridian diner where employees said a woman dressed in a long dark coat with a hood dropped off a box with a scared puppy inside.

Dietz believes the woman bought the puppy from the alleged dog thieves who were caught on surveillance tape taking the dog out of its cage.

"This person bought the dog and saw all the newspaper and TV shows, so they (she) decided the dog was too hot to hold," Dietz said.

Though the dog is back at Puppy Paradise, Dietz has decided not to sell him and has put the canine cutie up for adoption.

"This dog has been traumatized way too much," said Dietz. "We just want the best home."