The intrigue surrounding the Barbara Sheehan murder trial isn't solely based on what happened inside the Sheehan family home in Howard Beach, before Barbara Sheehan admittedly gunned down her husband, Raymond. As the case nears a jury decision, there is fascination with the key players involved -- prosecutor Debra Pomodore, defense attorney Michael Dowd, and Judge Barry Kron, all of whom have had interesting exchanges throughout the nearly month long trial.

On Monday morning, PIX 11 News caught up with legendary defense attorney and legal expert Marvyn Kornberg to get his take on the players, what the defense must be feeling as they close, who has more to lose and the verdict. First up, Kornberg sizes up the Judge Barry Kron, saying, "He's not a controversial judge," says Kornberg, who adds, "He's a very, very knowledgeable judge, but he can be sarcastic at times to the people that appear before him and he doesn't have to be.

Kornberg has defended numerous clients accused of murder. So what does he say to them after the case is handed off to the jury? "Nothing," nothing says the crafty veteran, adding, "Sometimes I don't understand my client at that point. I've had cases where I've defended people charged with murder and you're excited, you're worried, what mistakes did you make, what could've you done, what didn't you do and the defendant is back in their cell fast asleep."

As for who has the most to lose? Dowd, the notorious defender of battered victims. "If he loses, the woman goes to jail. Pommodore, if she loses, (she) goes back to the office."

Kornberg's verdict? "Hung jury."