Defense: Darryl Littlejohn is Being Framed to Protect Bar Manager
The manager of the SoHo bar where Imette St. Guillen was last seen alive was cross-examined Wednesday during the murder trial of her alleged killer.

The lawyers representing The Falls bar bouncer Darryl Littlejohn suggested in their defense that bar manager Dan Dorrian played a role in the murder of the John Jay College student. St. Guillen was found dead in Brooklyn with her hands bound behind her back, duct tape wrapped around her face, and a sock stuffed in her mouth.

Littlejohn's attorney also suggested that Dorrian's well-connected lawyers provided police with information on Littlejohn's criminal record.

Dorrian denied all the allegations.

Dorrian was the manager at The Falls bar in February 2006 when St. Guillen disappeared, and was later found murdered. He admitted on the witness stand Tuesday that at first he did not tell detectives the whole story.

In addition to several admissions, he said he had bad memories of a similar crime that took place at his father's Upper East Side bar more than twenty years ago. A young woman was murdered after meeting her killer at Dorrian's Red Hand on 84th Street. The crime became known as the "Preppy Murder."

Littlejohn is currently serving time for kidnapping another woman. His lawyer says Littlejohn is being framed to protect Dorrian.