Saturday's foiled Times Square car bomb was just the latest plot busted up in the nick of time by the NYPD.

At a recent news conference in Washington, DC, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly called the Times Square attempt, the 11th thwarted attack on New York City since September 11, 2001 Making it just the most recent in a flurry of 'could have been deadly' incidents of terrorists plotting to murder innocent New Yorkers.

The first came just a month after the World Trade Center attack, and it came in the form of Anthrax sent to various media outlets. That succeeded in killing one person.

The second attempt came a year later when authorities say Iyman Faris checked out the Brooklyn Bridge with the thought of trying to destroy it.

Fast forward to July 2004, a third plot disrupted which authorities say was aimed at New York's financial centers.

The fourth plot targeted Herald Square. In August of 2004, police say two men, one a US citizen, the other a Pakistani, wanted to bomb the subway just in time to coincide with the Republican National Convention.

A month later, plot number 5. NYPD catches a suspect with suspected terror connections taking photos underneath the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.

A year later, November 2005, plot #6. New York police arrest a Pakistani native suspected of planning to smuggle weapons and explosives in the city.

A year after that came foiled Plot #7, August 2006, when authorities arrest a suspect accused of plotting to bomb New York city train tunnels.

Plot number 8 arrived just a year later. Four men accused of planning to blow up jet fuel pipelines running through residential neighborhoods to JFK airport.

May of last year brought plot plot number 9 which was busted up when an NYPD sting operation nabbed multiple suspects accused of wanting to bomb synagogues and shoot down planes.

Which brings us to plot number ten, Najibullah Zazi, an Afghan immigrant, accused of wanting to target our subway system for co-ordinated suicide bombings near the anniversary of September 11th. Cops caught him as he drove into town.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly says this about NYPD's success at foiling years of terror attempts on New York City: "we can breathe easiser, but we have to stay vigilant, nonetheless. That's because in the eyes of terrorists, New York is America, and they keep coming back to kill us."