Ex-Russian Spy Anna Chapman Cashes In On Fame
Ex-Russian spy Anna Chapman, who was busted earlier this summer in the United States and sent back to her native country, is apparently cashing in on her so-called fame.

Chapman, 28, recently told German magazine Der Spiegel, her popularity has soared so much that she's forced to walk the streets donning different disguises.

"I wear sunglasses and a hat on the street," she said in an interview posted Wednesday on the magazine's website.

In Chapman's hometown of Volgograd, members of the local city council named her an "Honorable Citizen." In addition, a local newspaper has even sponsored a contest for the most beautiful song written for Chapman.

The bombshell says she will soon have a website for all of her adoring fans.

"My website will be up and running soon," she said. "The contact information for my PR people will be listed there. I am not permitted to talk about my time in America."

In July, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was overjoyed to have Chapman back in her homeland. Putin met with the red-haired beauty and the other busted undercover agents in July after they returned from the United State.