Alleged Cop Killer Darrell Fuller Arraigned In Nassau County
Darrell Fuller was able to see daylight Thursday. The alleged murderer won't be seeing much more of it in the future as Nassau County prosecutors charged him with first-degree murder in Tuesday's shooting deaths of Nassau County Police Officer Arthur Lopez and Raymond Facey. 

Facey was the innocent victim of a car-jacking minutes after Lopez was gunned down,  "For these despicable crimes, Darrell Fuller faces a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole," said Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice at an afternoon news conference.

As Fuller went before the judge, law enforcement colleagues of Lopez jammed the court-house -- what cops do when one of their own has fallen. 

After the arraignment the focus then shifted to the DA's office.  Assistant District Attorney Mitchell Benson painted the image of Fuller as a diabolical mastermind, "He did reach out to associates and he did engineer a situation in which he would be wounded apparently to try and create the impression that he was an innocent victim and not the perpetrator."

The Queens County DA office announced the arrest of Gerald Williams.  Williams was charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon.  The Queens County DA's office saying that he not only provided Fuller with a TEC 9 semi-automatic firearm but also a Ruger 9MM semi-automatic pistol.   They also allege that Williams lent Fuller the vehicle that ignited the deadly rampage. 

The 33-year-old Fuller has been living a thug's life for years.  A quick scan of New York State Department of Corrections and Community Relations website lists him as a parolee for the 2005 deal that he cut in Queens County Court which resulted in a conviction of Attempted Murder in the 2nd degree.

Fuller was given a conditional release in January of 2009 after serving 6/7 of a sentence.  This is prescribed by the state statue according to the Department of Corrections.

So in going by the book, Fuller gets out, only to get popped 14 months later for selling crack in Great Neck.  It's after this arrest that the office of Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice office allowed Fuller to plea down to two misdemeanors instead of charging him with a felony.  Fuller went Back to jail for a year for a parole violation on the orders of administrative law judge. 

Thursday afternoon DA Rice commented on the issue and provided a reason, "We have made very extensive statements about the case that occurred here two years ago and the evidence insuffiency and our ethical obligations that precipitated the disposition in that case and we're not going to say anything more about that."

As for the possibility of Nassau County potentially cutting deals with Fuller this time around?

Assistant District Attorney Benson said, "That would not be possible.  We are going to pursue the maximum penalty,"