Peterson's attorney discusses trial
Drew Peterson's defense attorney is sharing his assessment of how his client's murder trial is going.

   "I think earlier on I said they hadn't laid a glove on us. I think as we're here today (Tuesday) maybe they've gotten a few jabs through, but they certainly haven't hit us hard," said Joel Brodsky.

   He acknowledged the prosecution has scored some good witnesses as they try to prove Peterson killed his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

   One of those witnesses was Dr. Larry Blum, a forensic pathologist who performed the second autopsy on Savio. He ruled her cause of death was a homicide, not an accident.

   Two of Savio's friends also delivered powerful testimony by claiming Savio was afraid of Peterson.

   "If they cannot get out of this week without laying some serious blows... Like I said, once again, it's hard to predcit, but I'd be hard pressed to see how there's enough evidence to even show there was a homicide, let alone that Drew was in anyway, shape or form involved," added Brodsky.