We searched the drugstores, talked with the beauty experts, and came up with our 20 under $20 list to help keep you beautiful… on a budget!

1.) Aquaphor=$5.79 for 1.75 oz (comes in tubes and jars)
What's it for? Dermatologists love Aquafor Healing Ointment can be used for cuts, scrapes, dry skin, chapped lips, and just about anything!
Where can you purchase? At any drugstore or supermarket

2) Bruise Relief Gel=$11.99 for 2oz Gel & Bruise Relief Ultra Serum=$17.99 for 2oz Pump
What's it for? Bruises, and can be used under the eyes for dark circles due to broken vessels.
We also love Bruise Relief's local roots: the company, Dr. Holmquist Healthcare, is based out of Mandeville. Dr. Mary Lupo loves this product to prevent post-procedure bruising as well.
Where can you purchase? At most local drugstores.. We found ours at Walgreen's.

3) Simone Pink Color Corrector=$8.50
What's it for? To act as a color corrector to hide dark circles. Makeup artists at MakeMe Up recommend using a concealer over the pink that matches your skin tone.
Where can you purchase? Make Me Up at 3426 Magazine Street, www.MakeMeUpNola.com

4) Ardell 110 Lashes=$4.19
What are they for? For big beautiful lashes in an instant! Jessica recommends the 110 size since they are not too long or thick, and look natural when applied.
Where can you purchase? Most drug stores and beauty supply shops

5) Appearex Biotin Supplements=$16.99
Our dermatologist loves Appearex to help grow nails... There is a generic form (biotin), but she says in this case, she likes the brand name Appearex better.
Where can you purchase? Most drug stores and health stores

6) L'Oreal Studio InvisiGel=$3.50
What's it for? Hair that needs hold, but still requires some movement. Hairstylist Albert Brown says this product won't leave your hair feeling sticky or stiff. Albert is taking several tubes of this with him on the set of a movie he's working on this month!