Vice President Joe Biden makes unscheduled campaign stop in downtown Roanoke

Election Day is almost here, and both presidential campaigns spent time in our area Monday.

Vice President Joe Biden was plugging away on this final day of campaigning.

On Monday afternoon he made an unexpected visit to Roanoke.

The Obama campaign headquarters in Roanoke is one of the busiest in the state.

Throughout this campaign, people from this area have been working the phones, and campaign volunteers knocked on over 400,000 doors in Virginia this weekend.

The vice president personally thanked the volunteers during his surprise stop to Roanoke on Monday afternoon.

“We are just ready to go, we are fired up, if we weren't fired up already, we are fired up now,” volunteer Trish White-Boyd said.

Biden delivered pizzas to the volunteers at Benny Marconi's in downtown.

“I said, great, he had a bunch of pizza. And I was hungry so here we are,” volunteer Dale Bare said.

The vice president was also joined by his wife, Jill Biden, Virginia Senator Mark Warner, and Virginia Senate candidate Tim Kaine.  

"Jill and I came with a couple folks you know. Just to say thank you. We’re down to literally the last hours here," Biden told the crowd.

"I know you’ve heard it from Barack, you hear it from me, you hear it from all of us. ... We win this state we win this election. And equally important, Tim Kaine will be your next U.S. senator," Biden said.

Republican presidential candidate made a campaign stop and speech in Lynchburg on Monday afternoon.

Both campaigns are targeting Virginia and its 13 Electoral College votes.