Virginia Republicans say they are “delighted” with election results that give the GOP an effective majority in both the House of Delegates and the State Senate. Wednesday afternoon, Democratic leaders said Republicans are mistaken if they think it's a mandate.

Bob McDonnell joined Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and Republican legislative leaders at a news conference in Richmond Wednesday afternoon. “We are thrilled with the results of last night's election,” McDonnell said.

With Bill Stanley's apparent victory over Roscoe Reynolds Tuesday, and the prospect of a Republican take-away in the Fredericksburg area, the political landscape is shifting in the State Senate.  And Virginia Republicans say they do not plan on sharing power with Democrats.

”Make no mistake about it,” Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling said during the news conference,  “There is a Republican majority in the State Senate, and the Republican majority fully intends to organize the Senate with a Republican majority.”

Democratic leaders say despite their losses Tuesday it could have been worse.  And they noted the GOP spent millions targeting several Senate races, but claimed only two seats from Democrats.

Brian Moran is the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia.  “I hear Republicans want to have you believe this is a sweeping victory for their party, or a mandate for a right wing agenda,” Moran told reporters. “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

A recount  is also expected in the 17th Senate District near Fredericksburg. Republicans believe they have taken the seat from longtime Democratic incumbent Edd Houck. Just over 200 votes now separate the candidates, and Houck is expected to request a recount once the vote is certified.