Skateboarding in uptown now illegal in Martinsville

"The police said we had to put up no skateboarding signs or there was nothing they could do," said Reverend John Fulcher.

The signs are up and the message is clear but at First Baptist Church in Uptown Martinsville the point hasn't gotten across.

"I don't want to have to ask anybody to leave the property. Church should be a place where all people are welcome and received," Fulcher said. "But at the same time we have a responsibility to maintain this property."

Reverend John Fulcher grew up in this church and is now the senior pastor. He's never seen this much damage at one time.

"We've got damage everywhere. So probably it exceeds 10 thousand dollars to repair everything and if we fix it, it's likely to happen again," Fulcher said.

The law is now set; skateboarding on these streets is against the law.
Anyone caught skateboarding in uptown Martinsville will be fined 50 dollars.

First Baptist is between the uptown area and the city's skate park.

After the ban, the skateboarders still come.

Skater Ethan Harr has seen the damage.

"It really stinks that a few immature kids that haven't been brought up right, maybe, are giving everybody a bad name," Harr said.

Harr is addicted to skateboarding, he's out here at the city's skate park everyday.

But it's restricted with set tricks, street skating is his form of expression.

"You know skating is an art form. It's just another way to express yourself," Harr said. "If you're trying to do something with skateboarding, have a career in skateboarding they don't really want to see you skate parks all the time they want to see you skating street obstacles because they're a lot more difficult to skate."

The ordinance will officially become law next Tuesday.