New home of the Pattons

New home of the Pattons

A Pulaski family can't wait for moving day this Friday. Volunteers rebuilt their home after it was destroyed by a tornado in April.

The house keys were handed to Mary Patton and her teenage son Elijah during a dedication ceremony Tuesday afternoon.

Patton says the last six months have been rough. She lived in her previous home for 13 years.  The tornado ripped off the roof and the house was deemed unlivable. 

Patton didn't have insurance and wondered how she would rebuild.

Volunteers came to her rescue.

"They didn't know me," says Patton, "They didn't know anything about me. So for them it's perfect strangers to come and help it's just great."

The United Methodist Volunteers in Mission and First United Methodist Church in Pulaski along with the town and Pulaski County helped the family rebuild.

The new house cost 36-thousand dollars. But the Pattons didn't have to pay a dime. It was covered with grants and donations.