Power is restored to thousands

People are very excited to have their electricity restored after being without for two some even three days.  Neighbors were concerned about a power lines that dangled in the middle of the 3000 block of Salem Turnpike. 

On Sunday Morning crews were out repairing the down power line and clearing the road.

Neighbors say drivers were actually taking down the barricade, trying to maneuver around the dangerous and potentially live wire.

Business owners in that area were also very upset after being initially told they wouldn't have power until Monday around 10 pm, Sunday morning was a different story.

“I'm very happy. It's a business, I'm trying to make money, trying to run the business; help out my local customers. I feel happy that it's back on its toes and I got the electricity back,” saidUbaid Kazi.

Appalachian Power is reporting about 3,000 people are without power. They're hoping to have that restored by Monday.