UPDATE: Morgan Harrington's family amends its lawsuit against arena security company

Morgan Harrington’s family has amended its lawsuit against a company that provided security at a Charlottesville concert where she disappeared in October 2009.

Harrington, who was from Roanoke County and attended Virginia Tech, was found dead in January 2010 in Albemarle County.

In the amended lawsuit, Harrington’s family claims that their daughter suffered a “serious head injury” on her way to a bathroom at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville. The lawsuit against the security company, Regional Marketing Concepts (RMC), states that Harrington suffered a “two to three inch cut to her chin” and was bleeding “substantially.”

According to the lawsuit, a bystander in the restroom did not smell alcohol on Harrington, but noticed that she was acting erratically. The bystander said that Morgan was disoriented and did not know where she was, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit does not indicate how Harrington suffered the head injury.

The document states that Harrington left the restroom and walked past security staff, and outside of the arena. The lawsuit alleges that RMC was negligent because it did not allow Harrington back inside of the arena, even though she was injured and not dressed appropriately for the rainy conditions.

The lawsuit also states that on the night of Harrington’s disappearance, RMC security staff helped an off-duty police officer from Fairfax County who was apparently intoxicated. Security staff arranged for the off-duty officer to be driven home from the concert in a taxi, according to the lawsuit.

The Harrington family is suing RMC for $3.9 million. There is no hearing date set in Charlottesville Circuit Court.

An arrest has not been made in Harrington’s death.

Click here to read the lawsuit against Regional Marketing Concepts.

Click here to see the Harrington family's news release about the amended lawsuit.


7 a.m. Tuesday: The parents of a Virginia Tech student who was killed after attending a concert in Charlottesville plan to discuss their civil litigation against a company that provided security at the show.

Dan and Gil Harrington are due in Charlottesville on Tuesday to discuss the civil action, which was filed in 2011 against the security company at John Paul Jones Arena on the night of Oct. 17, 2009. The Harrington's 20-year-old daughter, Morgan, disappeared after she left a Metallica concert at the arena that night.

Harrington's remains were found in January 2010 in a farm field in Albemarle County. Her killer has not been found.

The initial lawsuit sought $3.5 million against the security company.