Lynchburg couple sells special Mother's Day card to fight sex slavery

The message you share with mom this Mother's Day could help save someone's life.

A Lynchburg couple is selling special greeting cards.  Each one costs $20, a lot more than your average card, but the money is going to a special cause.  All of the proceeds are being donated to Christian organizations that free women from sex slavery.

It's a project called "Paper Hope."  Tim Gosnell and his wife, Sarah, raised more than $6,000 selling the cards last year.

"I think people want to help, but they may not know how to help with something like this," said Tim Gosnell.  "We wanted to create a simple way for people to get involved with helping to stop human trafficking and prostitution."

You can buy the "Paper Hope" cards at The Drowsy Poet in Candlers Station Shopping Center and Bloop Frozen Yogurt on Wards Road.  Click here to visit the Paper Hope Facebook page.