Indiana State Fair tragedy hits close to home

Safety inspectors are looking into what went wrong at the Indiana State Fair Saturday night, when a sudden wind gust blew a concert stage into the crowd, killing five people.

The people who put the fair on have worked with some fair organizes in our area. Carey Harveycutter is Salem's director of civic facilities. He was at the Indiana State Fair last year.

He knows the people who run the fair and says they were in the process of evacuating people when the wind burst ahead of forecasts.

Fair officials haven't said whether the stage and rigging had been inspected, but Harveycutter says the steel and welds are sometimes x-rayed to show if they're strong enough during the inspection process. Now his heart goes out to the community where this all happened.

"We visited the state fair last year, went up while they were doing a sound check, very familiar with the stage, the way it was constructed and things like that," he says. "You know when you get a 60, 70 mile an hour wind gust at the last minute, there's not much you can do."

He says wind gusts have happened during shows in Salem too. He remembers when evangelist Franklin Graham came to Salem a few years ago, wind gusts forced crews to bring down part of the stage just to be safe.

In Indiana, two concerts scheduled for the same stage this week have been canceled. Live in the studio.