Health advocates urge people across the state to "Rev Your Bev"

Could you trade your favorite soda for water?

That's the challenge health advocates in Virginia are issuing today.

The "Rev Your Bev" sponsored by Y Street and the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth asked people to throw out their sugary drinks and take a bottle of water instead.

Wednesday teachers and health advocates statewide promoted the exchange including a group from Get Fit Dan River Region.

They walked the streets of Chatham and Danville with a cooler full of water, stopping people on the street and in businesses to hand them a water bottle.

It wasn't only free but a healthier alternative.

"We want people to drink more water. We want people to put down those sugary drinks and add more water into their lifestyle. You know, drinking water is good for your body and we all know that sodas have no nutritional value, they do nothing for us," said Ciji Moore from Get Fit Dan River Region.

According to the Rev Your Bev website, sugary drinks are a leading cause of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Here's an interesting fact; it takes more than an hour to burn off the calories from a 20 ounce bottle of soda.

That's one reason why the Danville Parks and Recreation Department was on the Riverwalk Trail with a state sponsor of the event, not only to promote drinking water, but also a healthy lifestyle.

The group also performed blood pressure checks and body mass index measurements.