Governor Bob McDonnell says he's not running for President, but what if he got a call to be on the ticket as a Vice-presidential candidate?

 "I'd say any governor that gets a call from a presidential candidate and asks you to join the ticket, you would certainly have to think seriously about that," Governor McDonnell told News 7 Monday.

"I'm not anticipating the call." McDonnell added and instead said he's focused on his work as Governor.

The Governor also said he is not yet throwing his support behind any of the Republican presidential candidates, but he did say a person with experience as a governor would make the best president. 

"Governors have to make decisions. They have to balance budgets. They can't make excuses," McDonnell said. "They have to manage their state like a business. They can't borrow money 'willy nilly' like the federal government."

Governor McDonnell was in Roanoke to take part in a conference on economic development in the South. He and the Governors of North Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee took part in a panel at the Hotel Roanoke.

The Governor also spoke with News 7 about the job market in Southside, Central and Southwestern Virginia where he said he realizes it's frustrating for people who are out of work.

"I would say to the folks who are down, I  know there's a lot of people hurting in Virginia," Governor McDonnell said.

While the governor admits there have been setbacks including Star Tek's announcement last month that its closing its Henry County call center, he pointed to other job growth including ICF International's announcement of 500 new jobs in Henry County, Genesis Products, Inc. plan to bring 150 jobs to Charlotte County, and Phoenix Packaging's $17 million dollar investment with 100 new jobs in Pulaski County.

"I just want people to know we are working on it as much as we can," McDonnell said.  "Over the year I've gotten $100 million in new money from the General Assembly from the Governor's Opportunity Fund, new tax  credits, new programs, credits to help bring jobs to this region."

While Governor McDonell said the employment numbers are down statewide, he said the number of unemployed is still much too high.

"I will continue to keep this a top priority until we bring that unemployment rate down, because six percent is unacceptable." McDonnell said. "While it's one of the best in the nation, it's an unaccceptable rate of unemployment."