Firefighters battling fatigue as well as large fires across Virginia
Fire crews are battling four wildfires across our region.

One of those fires is the biggest in state history, the Alleghany Tunnels fire near Covington, and it is putting crews to the test.

Fire crews typically work to 12 to 14 hours at a time.

Sometimes up to 16 hours.

As you can imagine it's a job that requires a lot of sweat equity.

The smoky skies in Alleghany County tell the story.

As you drive in the area, the day almost appears to give way to night.

Some firefighters drove all the way from New Mexico. They describe their job as grueling.

"It's tough work, but it's good satisfaction work," Patrick Sheridan, a U.S. Forest Service District Ranger.

Sheridan says tired firefighters can lead to disaster.

"It's a huge issue. We spend a lot of time trying to manage the welfare of firefighters," Sheridan said.

As the smoke continues to rise residents are voicing concerns because fires can sometimes be unpredictable. We spoke with Dusty Perry who has decided to take precaution.

"It was on the ridge. It started coming down the ridge," Perry said. "Our main concern was stopping it before it had a chance to cross the road."

Perry says he sprayed his property down just in case, but he really appreciated the firefighters' efforts.

The low humidity and high winds have made fighting this fire an absolute nightmare.

Crews from 22 states have come to assist.

Firefighters are required to take eight hours off between shifts, that way they'll be rested and ready.