Family forced to live in hotel after tree falls on home

It's been nearly a week since severe weather ripped through our viewing area, but the work continues on downed power lines, trees and wind damage.

One family from Roanoke is just happy to be alive after a tree fell on their home.

While most people have restored power and moved back into their homes, the Voorhees family is trying to figure out where to go next.

"Thought it was going to be a nice day and all of a sudden, a big gush of wind and rain came and our kids were looking outside and a tree behind our house fell completely down," she said.

Mother Nature literally dropped in on Voorhees and the other tenants living at 1414 Chapman Road with very little warning.

"To have a natural disaster like this happen it kind of creeps me out and it makes me scared to not move into a place."

Voorhees has had quite the week.

The expecting mother of three got word from her landlord just one day before the storm hit that she would have to be out in 60 days so the owner could do renovations on the house.

The next day is when the severe weather hit and before she knew it, the city of Roanoke had no choice but to condemn the house because of the storm damage.

Now her family is staying in a nearby hotel.

"We want to be home,” she said. “Our kids want to be home cause it's hard to keep a kid in a hotel."

Cleanup is expected to begin any day now along Chapman Road, but that's only the beginning because of the destruction left behind by the tree.

Voorhees said her and the other tenants can't do much but expect the worst and hope for the best.

"It's basically in the waiting game now which is scary because when you have kids you don't want to be in that waiting game at all,” she said.”

Voorhees' landlord is paying for the hotel they're staying in, but all of their belongings are still in the house like clothing, diapers and medication.

They haven't received any word on when they can get back inside.

The landlord told WDBJ 7 the tree will be removed on Wednesday.