Drivers zoom through Halifax County for "One Lap of America"

Imagine driving seven days straight and only stopping 12 times to eat, sleep and work on your car.

That's what about 60 teams are doing for fun. It is the  "One Lap of America"  race created by Brock Yates who's famous for writing the "Smokey and the Bandit" and "Cannonball Run" movies.

On and off the track, the race is all about endurance, not only for the cars but the drivers.

Thursday they paired what strength they have left against the twists and turns here at Virginia International Raceway.

If a car drive and is street legal, the organizers of the "One Lap of America" will accept it.

"How some of these cars get license on them is not my business. These cars are bullet fast some of them, and some of them are painfully slow," said Brock Yates, Jr.

He's has either helped lead or plan the "One Lap of America" for 30 years.

His dad started the race.

"The tracks are there the cars are fast and you can't really use them any other place," Yates said.

About 60 teams from around the nation are hitting the pavement hard this year.

The group started in Indiana on Sunday and stopped in five southern states before coming here.

The trip can be tiring especially for hobbyist like Bob Knoerzer.

"You're pumped up on adrenaline the first few days. The third, fourth, fifth day you start getting worn out and tired during the long transit drives," Knoerzer said.

He joins many of the other drivers raising money for charities.

It's not only a race to see who can get the fattest wallet but who can better handle their tires. The traction and wear are carefully monitored.

Professional drivers use the trip for practice.

"That's what makes this so special is the opportunity to go to so many wonderful places and see so many wonderful things and race at so many nice places in a short period of time," said Amanda Hennessy, a professional driver.

These drivers claim to be friends on the road, but when the green flag drops it's show time.

The drivers are due back in Indiana, where they started, on Saturday.