18 people indicted on charges of selling prescription pain medication

A federal grand jury has indicted eight people for being part of a conspiracy to distribute prescription drugs. Ten other people were charged back in January

In a criminal complaint filed against one of the defendents, Ronnie Cupp, investigators say Cupp and several other people moved large quanities of heroin and methampetamine throughout the Bedford County region.

Investigators also said Cupp used firearms to protect himself and the other people involved.

Over one thousand pills were delivered to Cupp from Florida every month, over the course of several years.

Additionally, Cupp went to a doctor in the Washington, D.C. area, in which the doctor, Dr. Salerian prescribed Cupp and partners with large amounts of opiate based narcotics every month.

After receiving the pills, Cupp and his associates would send the pills to West Virginia to sell to sources there.

The individuals have been directly linked to the overdose deaths of three individuals, according to an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

According to investigators, evidence collected by investigators suggests that the men infiltrated the criminal justice system as well, the complaint stated.

This past February, the Bedford County Sheriff's office responded to Roanoke Memorial Hospital. Upon arrival, they found Cupp with two gunshot wounds.

In a written statement given to investigators, Cupp said he was shot during the course of a robbery.

Two days later, Cupp retracted his statement, and stated he stole a .22 caliver revolver and shot himself.

Cupp then told investigators he was addicted to prescription pain killers and admitted to selling them.

During several other meetings with investigators, Cupp also admitted to traveling to and from the Washington, D.C. area, as well as traveling to Florida to get prescription based pain meds.

Cupp is being held in the in the Roanoke City Jail without bond. A trial date has been set for April 9th.

Additional reporting by WDBJ7 Anchor, Chris Hurst.