Celebrating Father's Day on the Golf Course

Since the early 1900's we've been celebrating dads with Father's Day.

A lot has changed since the early 20th century including how we honor dad.

It was a crisp Sunday, topped with blue skies; perfect for grilling, or hitting the links!

"We're packed today! We're offering special to father's they get to play for free out here. So, we're seeing a lot of fathers and a lot of sons coming out," says Hanging Rock Golf Club Pro Chip Sullivan.

Sullivan says at Hanging Rock, father's day is at the "top of the leaderboard" of things dads want to do.

And, the challenges of golf can serve as the perfect metaphor for fatherhood.

"It's never the same. Your golf swing is never the same, the putters never the same, but the challenge is always there," says Sullivan.

While the Bolling brothers carved out a little time for themselves in the morning, they're looking forward to some family fun in the afternoon.

"We'll probably go out and eat somewhere, dont think it's really decided, but somewhere fast. But just mainly for getting together, the social aspect of it more than the eating, but we'll get together and have a little fun," says father and golfer Jay Bolling.