Carter Machinery owner says Obama administration has hurt his business

Last minute preparations are underway as a Salem business gets ready to welcome Mitt Romney.

It's a campaign stop that's expected to draw a huge crowd.

Romney will appear at Carter Machinery at noon Tuesday.

At first a few hundred people were expected but Jim Parker, the owner of Carter Machinery, says there may be thousands of people.

Parker also talked about why he supports Mitt Romney and dislikes President Obama.

Carter Machinery is one of the largest Caterpillar dealerships in the nation and it is getting ready for the  Republican Presidential Candidate's visit.

This company is a major player when it comes to the local economy. Owner Jim Parker says right now the focus is on Mitt Romney.

"The excitement centers around our employees first it's great morale for them to see this," Parker said. "To have a future President be at our facility to think that highly of us but more importantly we've been talking about this to our employees for some time for the need for course change in Washington."

Parker feels the Obama Administration has negatively impacted his business. That's why he can't wait to welome Romney.

He says four more years of Obama would lead to more of the same.

"All negative, all negative by the fact that we don't have a fully funded highway bill, long-term highway bill and when I say fully-funded and long-term I'm talking five years for North America a half billion dollars," Parker said.

Parker says he is not speaking about vague political issues.

"The mining industry, which two thirds of our 1,300 employees are engaged in the mining business either from a sales standpoint or service standpoint and the impact by the regulations put out by the administration by the EP has been devastating, permits nearly impossible," Parker said. 

One of the reason's Carter Machinery was chosen for the visit, is because most of the company's equipment is used in the coal industry.

Tuesday's event is open, but you have to reserve a ticket. To reserve a ticket call 757-279-8253 or click here.

Doors open at 10 a.m., and the program starts at noon.

Your Hometown News Leader, WDBJ7 will air Romney's speech live at noon Tuesday. You can also watch it live on our website, by clicking here.