Boyfriend of teen found dead in burned car speaks out

It's been two weeks since police found the body of Jesseca Walker. Two long emotional weeks for her boyfriend, William Williams.

"Everyday I gotta wake up to the fact knowing that I let her drive my car," Williams said.

The two had just started dating on December 6th, making it official with this sign, less than a week before she died.

"She had just come back from Texas and uh, I had met her previously before she had left Texas. She hit me up on facebook. From that night we hung out every night until what happened," Williams said.

He says Walker picked him up from work in his car and went to visit friends in Danville.

That night, he says she got a text from a friend who offered 30 dollars for a ride to a local convenience store. She and her best friend insisted they go alone in Williams' car.

The next day police found two bodies in a burned car matching the description of Williams'.

Police say one body belonged to Walker who had been shot to death.

The medical examiner hasn't identified the second victim, but Williams is certain it's Walker's best friend.

"I wish everyday I could take back the fact that I gave her my keys. That I let her drive my car just down the road. Everybody's blaming me.I remember on facebook I had this message, this one woman asking me why did you kill your girlfriend and her best friend. What was your motive?" Williams said.

Tuesday North Carolina deputies arrested two brothers, John and Aaron Willis, in connection with Walker's murder.

John is charged with her murder, Aaron -- accessory after the fact.
Both friends of Walkers.

"I just couldn't imagine like, somebody that sick that would do something like this. They would intentionally kill an 18 year old girl and burn her like nothing," Williams said.