Bedford County students grow food for school and community

Some Bedford County students are growing food to feed themselves and their neighbors.

Huddleston Elementary School is starting a community garden.  Agriculture students from Staunton River High School were on hand Friday morning to help second graders plant fresh fruits and vegetables.

"We always try to do a community service project with our students, through Future Farmers of America and the Ag classes that we teach," said Clare Robertson, an agriculture teacher at Staunton River High School.

"It's a good opportunity to teach kids something that's kind of getting lost in generations," said Staunton River High School student, William Kirby.

Food raised in the Huddleston garden will be served in the school cafeteria.  It will also be given away to the public.

Every Wednesday this summer, families in Huddleston will have a chance to visit the garden and harvest their own produce.

"They can come and weed, help water, and then take home the vegetables that are ready to be harvested," said Huddleston Elementary School principal, Aprille Monroe.

The project is designed to suppliment the Standards of Learning test, but students are learning a valuable life lesson, too.   

"Planting a garden is something they can use throughout their life," said Monroe.  "They can share it with their parents and they can apply what they are learning in the classroom."

Students will have a chance to develop healthy eating habits by eating the food they grow.

Kya Robertson, one of the second graders who worked on the garden, said she already enjoys eating fresh produce.

"You don't have to go to the grocery store all the time to buy food," said Hurt.  "You can just harvest it and use it out of your own garden."