Cave Spring High School students help orphans from Sierra Leone
It's a school project that brings new meaning to the phrase "life intimating art."

Every year, art students from Cave Spring High School take part in the Memory Project.

They draw portraits of orphans all over the world.

This year, Cave Spring was assigned children from Sierra Leone.

"I thought he's an orphan.  He doesn't have a family.  He's in a school with other kids.  It kinda blew my mind," said Cave Spring Junior Brenna Johns.

The students received a picture of each of the orphan, and made the portraits as life like as possible to show them they're not forgotten.

Their teacher was impressed with her students dedication.

"High school students are always willing to let you know when something is not interesting, or that cool, or that great, they'll let you know, no this is always 100% amazing to them," said Art Teacher Anne Pfeiffer.

The students completed their portaits and sent them off months ago to an organization called the Memory Project.

Many of them had forgotten all about it until last week when they received a video and pictures showing the orphans holding their artwork.

"When I saw her holding the portrait of her for her and she was just so happy it brought a smile to my face too," said Cave Spring Junior Nick d'Aleilo.

Judging by the video, the children were clearly overwhelmed by the generosity.

But these Cave Spring students may have gotten so much more.

"It made me feel lucky for what I have.  It made me realize how important life is cause they don't have a family," said Nick d'Aleilo.