One year ago, doors were borded up and businesses shut down in Pulaski County. Now things are looking up on the economic front.

In Spanish, Phoenix Manufacturing President Alberto Peisach said “thank you” and “we are just getting started” to a crowd of supporters at a ribbon cutting ceremony for his new business in Pulaski Co.

"We built this company from nothing, and to see that we've grown from Columbia, to Venezuela, to Mexico and now to be playing with the big boys, I feel very privileged to be here," said Peisach.  

It's located in the Pulaski County Corporate Center in Dublin; an area where, not so long ago, businesses were packing up and moving out.

"A year ago today, really, four of the largest building in the park were vacant, probably about half the park.  Today we're out of space," said Shawn Utt, Pulaski Co. Community Development Director.

Expansion from existing business like Bimmer World and Technical Services, which are planning to double their workforces in the near future, is helping with job creation, said county officials. New businesses, like Dove Windows, are moving into the Corporate Center as well and are planning to hire workers this spring.

Volvo, one of Pulaski Co.’s largest employers, is also recalling about 700 workers for its Dublin plant. The plant is adding a second shift and will begin bringing workers back in several stages between May 2 and June 13. Volvo officials credit the recall to an increased demand in production.

Pulaski Co.'s unemployment rate was 10.7% in February, but county officials are optimistic that number will drop significantly by the summer with the addition of the new businesses and jobs.

With one problem on the mend, the Governor did point out one more that could be on the way…

“Your new problem in this part of the county is going to be traffic congestion!” joked Governor Bob McDonnell at the Phoenix ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday.  The Governor said job creation in rural Southwest Virginia has been a priority for him since election.