Thousands without electricity in Giles County and West Virginia

It's going to be a long cold night even more so for thousand in Giles County.  The electricity is off for customers in Rich Creek, Narrows and Glade after a transformer failed this afternoon.  The outage affects about 1,800 customers in Giles County and 4,300 customer in Monroe County, West Virginia.

Appalachian Power is re-routing electricity through other circuits. That'll get the lights on for 1,300 customers before the end of the day Friday.  The rest however will likely have to wait until mid-day Saturday before power is restored. 

Appalachian Power is bringing in a transformer from Roanoke to the Peters Mountain substation.  It will take time to get it wired into the system, according to a company spokesman.

Because of the outage Narrows Elementary and High Schools dismissed early Thursday.