Many little girls ask for a pony for Christmas, but it's a gift that most of them will never get. But for a little girl from Independence with a serious illness, that Christmas wish has come true.

Lucy Herod's mother says that she can't think of another little girl who is more deserving of a horse. She says that despite all that her daughter has been through this year, she manages to keep a smile on her face and also keep up the spirits of her family.

"You know, the name Lucy means light, and that defines her," said Nicole Herod. "She's a bright ray of sunshine."

Lucy Herod suffers from a rare blood condition called aplastic anemia. Her mom says she has to get red blood cell transfusion every couple of week. She says that she wasn't expecting her new horse, Chester. She did say, though, that a new slushy machine was on her Christmas wish list.

Chester came courtesy of The Elves of Christmas Present, a group that makes wishes come true for kids like Lucy Herod.

"She doesn't complain," said Nicole Herod. "She doesn't have self-pity, or play the poor me card. She's very brave"

Meanwhile the family takes joy in the kindness of others. Not only did Lucy Herod get a horse, but Elves brought gifts for her siblings too. They even gave Lucy a laptop that will allow her to check in on Chester when it's too cold to visit him.

"She believes in a miracle, and we're believing with her that she will get a miracle," said Nicole Herod. ""There are people out there that you don't even know who will come along side you, and encourage you and make it better. I'm very thankful."

To donate to The Elves of Christmas Present, click here. To find out how to donate marrow to help people like Lucy Herod, click here.