Residents in St. Joseph are preparing for the worst as the Missouri River continues rising, putting more levees at risk of failure.

On Saturday, U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt and U.S. Rep. Sam Graves are expected to tour the flood-prone areas, and residents along the river say that they have some hard questions for the lawmakers.

St. Joseph resident Steven Ashlock says that the big concerns right now would be whether or not the levees will be able to withstand the sustained high water. He says that he fears that his job at Midland Steel in nearby Wathena will be in jeopardy if the levees fail.

"(We) packed up alot of stuff that could be destroyed by a flood, and we're working up until we get the shut-off notice in light of that the river's too high," said Ashlock.

Lisa James of nearby Lake Contrary says that they are just crossing their fingers. She says that she has a suggestion for the visiting lawmakers.

"I think they should get together with the (Corps of Engineers) and, you know, and do something about them letting all this water out like this. I just think it's crazy," said James.