Police in Independence are searching for a burglary suspect who brought a small child along with him as he broke into a home, setting off a wild chain of events that has a lot of neighbors talking.

David Martin, Jr. is suspected of breaking into the home near S. Jones Road and East Lippert in Independence on Thursday. According to police, Martin and an accomplice broke into the home, with Martin's girlfriend's 5-year-old daughter with them.

The accomplice was later apprehended.

"I don't understand why that he did that with her," said Tonya Herington, a friend of the child's mother, who says that the girl thought she was going on an adventure. "He could've gotten her hurt."

After the break-in, Herington says Martin stormed to her home in a panic and left the child with her before taking off.

Heringdon says that Martin said "just that he needed me to call her mom and let her know where she was at."

The burglary victim's brother, Steve Gaulter says he was on the telehone with his sister when she told him she heard suspicious noises at her front door, then saw Martin and the suspect kick in her front door. Gaulter and his sister chased the two men with their vehicles, but the two suspects got away.

"I seen one of them run behind the house and the other one, I can't believe he would do that with a little girl," said Gaulter. "He was moving quick."

Back outside Herington's home, paramedics checked out the little girl, who was unharmed in the incident. Herington says that she hopes Martin surrenders.

"I love her," Herington says about the child, who is back with her mother. "She's like family and I was worried about what could've possibly happened. I just thank God he brought her here."

Authorities are asking anyone with information about the whereabouts of David Martin Jr. to call the Independence Police Department.