Police Distribute Robbery Prevention Kit To Small Businesses
The Kansas City Missouri Police department is handing out robbery kits to mom and pop stores across the city, to help owners and employees from becoming victims.

Store's like Don's Liquor on Southwest Boulevard that have been robbed in the past and others across town will get a how-to guide on what to do after a robbery and how to prevent it from ever happening in the first place.

Detective Cristin Stammler says he got the idea from the Mesa, Arizona Police department.  He says smaller stores many times don't have a protocol to follow and that the kit will help businesses know what to do in case of robbery.  The kit walks them through a step-by-step process and will also assist investigators.

"I would say it's about empowering them and just partnering with them," Stammler said. "At times I think having talked with small businesses, the perception is more reactive and we want to take a step to be proactive."

This kit is also available online to any business interested.