She thought she was going in for a routine appointment with her doctor, but what high school student Crystal Hanna got was prescription for music. 

"At the last appointment Crystal said she wanted God Rocks, a christian band from Canada, to come to Kansas City to give a concert," said Dr. Ed Christophersen, Clinical Child Psychologist at Children's Mercy Hospital.

'God Rocks' is Crystals favorite rock group.  But the closest city the band is scheduled to play is in Denver.  That got Dr. Christophersen thinking, and after a few e-mails to the band, he got a reply he wasn't prepared for. 

"They said would you be willing to have a Skype concert from God Rock's for Crystal personally and I said sure that would be just awesome," said Christophersen.

When Crystal walked into her doctor's office on Wednesday she got the surprise of her life.  Not only did Crystal get to talk with a few of the band members she also got a serenade. 

"I believe he's a pretty special doctor.  Not just any doctor would this or you know, take the time out to do this," said Crystals grandmother, Paula Saylor.

Dr. Christophersen is a Clinical Child Psychologist at Children's Mercy Hospital.  He's been treating Crystal for most of her life. 

"Sometime for kids that are chronically ill, it's a high road to hoe and she got something that no body else at school has," he said.

Crystal has Noonan syndrome a genetic disorder that causes abnormal development of multiple parts of the body and in Crystal's case developmental disabilities as well. 

Dr. Christophersen says Crystal has always been a great kid and wanted to do something special for her.